John Lakian, Experienced Financial Advisor and Adviser in ALL Markets. John Lakian

John Lakian has many years and vast “hands on” experience in Business and Corporate Success, and in turn is providing thousands of jobs and company growth and profit sustainability. John Lakian’s track record was so successful it landed him a job as a Fox Business Analyst, and provided valuable information for many other businesses to […]

John Lakian, helping and support city, state and national organizations of Charity, Education, and Research to make America Better.

John Lakian is a true Leader and Example of  “giving back” to help and support city, state, and national organizations to help the the less fortunate, education and research, to name a few: Big Brother and Sister Marine Biological Lab Metropolitan Museum of Art New York Children’s Museum of Boston Covenant House Accredited Universities Highlands […]

John Lakian Financial Success and Record Earnings. John Lakian

John Lakian was the CEO of Living Independently Group, a company which develops monitoring system to assist in the care of senior citizens. He has served on the boards of Merchants Capital, Mr. Coffee, JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, Peoples Department Stores, Apparel Marketing Corporation, FNEDC, Sheffield Medical Technologies, The Molloy Group, and Standard Life of Indiana.

John Lakian, Armey Flat Tax Polyconomics. John Lakian

John Lakian – Is identified with Dramatic and Fundamental Change. John Lakian is identified with a Tax Structure that benefits both the American People and Businesses while building a stronger leaner government that is Pro Small Business and Entrepreneurial.

John Lakian, JoS A Banks Clothiers. John Lakian

John Lakian, helps save JoS A Banks Clothiers by acquiring from Quaker Oats. John Lakian has had tremendous Business Success and a proven track record that produced great profit margin returns for many investors. 

John Lakian Successful Brokerage Firms. John Lakian

John Lakian launched MicKinley and Allsopp in 1986, a very successful brokerage firm that provides investment-banking services. His financial service companies did business with “High-Profile” Wall Street firms, including Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche bank and Soloman Smith Barney, just to name a few.

John Lakian & the Armey Flat Tax

Among the most interesting political races of 1994 is the GOP September 20 primary in Massachusetts, which pits Mitt Romney, a wealthy management consultant and son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney, against John Lakian, an investment banker (and Polyconomics client for six years). Romney, the organization’s candidate, is favored to win for the race […]

John Lakian secures Republican party endorsement. John Lakian

John Lakian secures the the party’s endorsement as the Republican nomination for Governor in 1982 with “great ideas, patriotic enthusiasm and dramatic and fundamental change with a strong foundation of constitutional policies combined from knowledge and priceless experience”.  In the Aftermath now looking back his combined Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy style and financial experience are exactly […]