John Lakian, notable American businessman and Republican Party Politician, was born into a working class family located just outside of Boston proper in 1942Worcester, Massachusetts. After the passing of Lakian’s father, just two years after his birth in 1945, Lakian’s mother was left to raise him until he eventually left to begin undergraduate studies at Boston University.  After attending the University for a short three-year span, Lakian received his undergraduate degree and entire year ahead of the remainder of his class.

John Lakian | Honored Vietnam War Veteran

Following his early graduation, Lakian spent a small bout of time studying the American market, but cut his study’s short right at the start to enlist and serve his country honorably in the US Army in 1966. While serving, Lakian’s post in the US Army was moved to Vietnam, where as a junior combat officer he fought for our country and was ultimately awarded a Bronze Star for his valor and praiseworthy service achievements.

John Lakian | Republican

After Lakian’s honorable service in the US Army, he returned to the United States and immediately set his sights on establishing a position for himself in the American Political Arena. It was here, that in 1982 Lakian ran for the 1982 GOP gubernatorial nomination which he lost. Unwilling to give up, Lakian followed his run for the gubernatorial nomination by immersing himself in finances for a time, and after amassing a fortune throughout the course of Ronald Reagan’s booming years,  but returned to the political arena once again, for what many people believe to be the most interesting political race of the 90’s.

John Lakian Today

Today, Lakian continues to promote financial awareness among the American people, and has appeared on Fox News on a number of occasions to speak candidly about mortgage rates, banking practices, and the effect of the Nation’s consistently militarized state on the American Economy.