John Lakian Reaganomics

John Lakian and “Reaganomics” Following his unprecedented inauguration as America’s oldest president, Ronald Reagan moved quickly to amend the countries lack of fiscal direction by putting into effect a number of new policies that are referred to presently as ‘Reaganomics.” Most commonly used by supporters and designed specifically to promote unrestricted and free-market activity, Reaganomics […]

Ronald Reagan | Inspiring an Economic Revolution

Almost immediately after President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Inauguration came to a close, the executive office hit the ground running by setting their sights directly on Capitol Hill. From the very beginning, Reagan encouraged Congress to pass legislation inspired by Reaganomics that aimed to increase productivity in the countries then bleak economic status. That very year, […]

Reagan’s Fiscal Policy Inspires America

At the time of his inauguration as America’s 40th President on January 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan make a number of swift legislative actions in order to help the country out of one of the bleakest economic times since the Depression. Interest rates were soaring, taxes were high, unemployment rates were high and the countries spirit […]

John Lakian | Established American Businessman

Former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate John Lakian has founded several of his own successful business and has also served on the board of many other companies. Before narrowly missing his bid for the 1994 United States Senate, Lakian studied at Boston University and Enlisted as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and served his country honorably […]

John Lakian | Financial Innovator

A leader on New York City’s national and international business scene in the mid-eighties, John Lakian has served on the board of a number of successful American businesses and has gone on to serve on the board of several others. After serving on the boards of The Molloy Group, Standard Life of Indiana, Mr. Coffee, […]

John Lakian Experienced Leader and Financial Innovator

A pioneer on the forefront of New York City’s business scene and former gubernatorial candidate of Massachusetts, John Lakian has founded a number of businesses in the United States, as well as serving on the board of many others including but not limited to, Merchants Capital, Mr. Coffee, JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, Peoples Department Stores, Apparel Marketing […]

John Lakian for Massachusetts Senate

John Lakian and Mitt Romney ’94 GOP Rep. Primary Still considered one of the most interesting political races of the 90s, the 1994 GOP September 20th Massachusetts Republican Primary placed John Lakian, an investment banker, against Mitt Romney, a wealthy management consultant and son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney.  John Lakian’s campaign was slow […]

John Lakian opposes Gun Control. We the People.

John Lakian opposes Gun Control based on carefully thought-through Constitutional grounds and also for personal Safety and Family protection. – John Lakian