John Lakian, helping and support city, state and national organizations of Charity, Education, and Research to make America Better.

John Lakian is a true Leader and Example of  “giving back” to help and support city, state, and national organizations to help the the less fortunate, education and research, to name a few:

Big Brother and Sister

Marine Biological Lab

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Children’s Museum of Boston

Covenant House

Accredited Universities

Highlands Historical Society of New York

Highlands Hospital of New York

Highlands Literary Society of New York

Print Museum New York

East River Community Out Reach of South Carolina

Madison Ave. Presbyterian Church of New York

Christ Church of New York

Chapin School of New York

Brevard Music Center of North Carolina

Curry College of Massachusetts

City Museum of New York

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#JohnLakian, #BronzeStarAward, #Valor, #VietnamVet, #JOHNLAKIAN.

#JohnLakian, #BronzeStarAward, #Valor, #VietnamVet, #JOHNLAKIAN.